T-T-T-Timmy and the Jets

First and foremost I want to make it clear that I am a die-hard Giants fan. All in. I heard about a kid named Tim Tebow when I was in High School and he was a senior making his decision to play for the Florida Gators in college. Since that day I believed this kid was going to be a winner. His career at Florida didn’t disappoint me as he won a Heisman Trophy as a sophomore and added 2 NCAA championships to his resume. Last season in Denver didn’t disappoint Tebow fans either as he led his team to the playoffs and stole a game from the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round of the playoffs. Denver’s resent acquisition of Peyton Manning took the Broncos in a different direction and ultimately decided to trade Tebow to the Jets for a couple of draft picks.

Woody Johnson, Mike Tannenbaum, and Rex Ryan have said that their pursuit and acquisition of Tim Tebow was purely a “football” decision. Really? Purely? The same team that just gave their “Sanchize” quarterback a contract extension after striking out on their attempt to pursue Peyton Manning, the man who can be looked at as pushing Tebow out of Denver. That football decision? I’m not doubting that the move was partially based on a “football” decision, but one would be naive to believe that it wasn’t also for some publicity. Since Rex Ryan took over the New York Jets a few years ago they have been posted on the back of New York newspapers ever since. Rex Ryan has promised a Super Bowl trophy to Jets fans 3 years in a row and has come back with nothing more than broken promises and broken hearts. This move will further more keep the Jets in the eye of the media as Tebow was the most publicized football player in the league last year. He had the second highest selling jersey next to, “Discount Double-Check” and MVP, Aaron Rodgers. Tebow is one of the most popular player amongst fans whether you like the kid or you dislike him. By that I mean by his football talents. There is no way you can not like the kid as a person. He’s genuine, he says all the right things, he’s a great role model, and is involved in various charities etc. If you don’t like Tim Tebow the person there’s something seriously wrong with you. If you don’t like Tim Tebow the player, well numbers never lie now do they.

Wins are the only thing that matters to NFL players, just ask them. If he threw for 500 yards a game but they were 6-10 would you still be obsessed with the numbers he put up. His numbers aren’t great, but he wins games. Jets fans know that. They’ve said the same thing about Mark Sanchez when they were en route to back-to-back AFC Championship games. The thing about those teams were that their defense was arguably best in the game and that’s what got them there. It wasn’t Sanchez’s arm. Defense wins championships and the Jets had the right formula, but the wrong quarterback. He’s bottom 5 in the league when it comes to total QBR. If he was middle of the row then maybe the Jets could have made Rex Ryan’s promise come to fruition.

Let’s focus on what 2012 holds for the Jets. I’m a Tebow fan like I said. I am not a Jets fan. I don’t know if this is going to help the team. I’m going to strictly focus on the quarterback battle. The Jets held a press conference today to officially welcome Tim Tebow. Tebow said that he and Mark are friends and that they hope to have a healthy working relationship. Sorry to break it to you Tim, I’m not sure that it works like that. Joe Montana who is regarded as one of the great quarterbacks to ever play the game didn’t really like the idea of a young Steve Young waiting in the wings trying to take his job. Aaron Rodgers has said that Brett Favre didn’t really mentor him in becoming a quarterback. These are two legends of the game who were well established when a “backup” was thought of as a successor to take the starting job. Mark Sanchez is by no means an established or legend of the game. He’s a young player who knows that nothing is promised in the NFL. The Jets just brought in a guy who Rex Ryan has openly said could take up to 20 snaps a game. 20 snaps? That’s about 1/3 of the total snaps a quarterback takes per game. They plan on using Tebow on third and short situations. Sanchez can run 2 plays for 8 yards and then be put on the sideline to watch another quarterback attempt to get the first down. He can drive down the field and then have to go to the sideline again and watch another quarterback come in and possibly get the touchdown. That doesn’t bode well for any quarterback, I don’t care who you are. Maybe the Jets are trying to catch lightning in a bottle by bringing in Tebow. If Sanchez plays far better than he has in his first 3 years, than the so-called psychology behind this moves works well. Can he handle the pressure? I’m not so sure. Tebow has proven he can step up to the pressure. He took a flailing Broncos team and led them to the playoffs. Sure his talents are a bit raw and limited, but he can win games. He too, before Rex Ryan, guaranteed a championship at Florida, only unlike his new coach, he delivered.

The Jets locker room has been in disarray particularly with the fallout between Santonio Holmes and Mark Sanchez. Anonymous players have come out and bashed Mark Sanchez. Antonio Cromartie has said that the Jets don’t need Tebow. The locker room is something that Rex needs to get under control. You put yourself out there in the media, promising all these things, saying this, saying that. Rex don’t put your foot in your mouth again (no pun intended). He knows what it takes to win he was on the Ravens Super Bowl team in 2000. If players don’t perform to their ability it’s the coaches job to get them to. Maybe this is another reason they brought in Tebow. If Mark Sanchez doesn’t perform and the T-E-B-O-W chants start at Metlife Stadium, Rex will have to seriously consider giving Tebow a start or two. The Jets organization brought this upon themselves. They said Sanchez was their starting quarterback, but if he’s not playing well guess they’ll have to go back on their word. Wouldn’t be the first time. Probably won’t be the last.


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