Monday night the Knicks were bested by the Miami Heat for the second straight game.  This loss wasn’t as bad as the blowout that took place in game 1 or was it?  After the game the Knicks star forward punched a fire extinguisher enclosure in which the glass lacerated his hand.  Paramedics went into the locker room and worked on Amare.  He later went to twitter stating:“I am so mad at myself right now, I want to apologize to the fans and my team, not proud of my actions, headed home for a new start”.  Later posting another tweet saying:“We all have done thing out of anger that we regret. That makes us human. Bad timing on my part. Sorry guys. This to shall pass.”.  Well at least he’s sorry guys.

He punched glass.  I’m sure there were many other objects he could of punched, kicked, threw that were around him.  We all make mistakes yes, but most people’s lives aren’t under the microscope.  Today athletes are all over social media, in the news, and under constant watch of the public eye.  I don’t have a problem with him making a mistake and admitting to it.  We are all human.  My biggest gripe with what he did isn’t about the very dumb decision to punch a glass fixture.  I recall him saying at the beginning of the season that he was going to go hunting in South Beach.  When asked what was there to hunt in South Beach, Amare replied “We’re hunting D-Wade and LeBron.”  At the time I thought that that was a bold statement.  Especially since the Knicks were swept last year by Boston in the playoffs and Miami was coming off losing in the Finals.  I still believed and believe that the Heat were the superior team mainly because of their ability to play suffocating defense.  You can’t say you want to go hunting in South Beach and be the first to draw blood…on yourself.  Put aside all the statistics that the Knicks have a better record without Amare in the lineup because that is the regular season.   In the playoffs and they need Amare to produce if they want to win anything.  Melo can’t win it by himself.  Isn’t that the reason why he wanted to come to New York in the first place?  To team up with another superstar?  Doesn’t look like the Knicks plans are going as planned as of right now.

His status for game 3 is that he is a no go.  Going forward I’m not sure if he will be able to play.  He supposedly needed 15 stitches in his hand.  After the loss of rookie guard Iman Shumpert they can’t afford to be losing players, especially since they were being praised for their depth.  Well where’s the depth now?  It’s the playoffs and most teams generally play an 8-man rotation at most because you want your best players on the floor for as long as possible.  It’s do or die.  The Heat smell blood.


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